• 13

    Bozbashi with beef

    Caucasian soup with the addition of Georgian spices, chickpeas and potatoes with beef.
  • 15

    Bozbashi with Lamb

    Caucasian soup with Georgian spices, chickpea and potatoes with lamb meat.
  • 12

    Broccoli cream soup

  • 16

    Meat borsch

    Ukrainian dish based on a classic recipe with beef, served in a pumpkin.
  • 11


    Ukrainian dish according to a classic recipe, served in a pumpkin. (without meat)
  • 15


    Caucasian soup based on beef broth on the bone (ingredients can be added according to your preferences).
  • 17


    White chicken soup from Eastern Georgia.
  • 10


    Traditional Mtiulitian soup made with lamb broth and addition of mint and cilantro.
  • 16


    Georgian soup made with beef broth with traditional spices and rice.
  • 12

    Pumpkin soup

  • 32

    Imeretian Kharcho

    Traditional Imeretian dish based on caramelized onions, beef and nut paste.