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    Author salad: symphony of flavours of Avocado, Cucumber, Olives, Chickpea, Chicken on a delicate Nut sause-puree.
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    Hot salad with boiled Beef

    Al dente vegetables in white wine with boiled meat (Beef Buzhenina) and soft Nadugi cheese sauce.
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    Traditional snack, made from vegetables with nuts and spices, served with Mchadi (corn bread).
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    ნენეის ბაღჩა

    Author's salad (Georgian "Grandma's garden"): chicken fillet, lettuce leaves, pickled carrot and beets with sauce.
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    მოდი დამაგემოვნე

    Author's salad of three types of lettuce with apple chips and sesame seeds in sauces.
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    Homemade pickles

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    Salad with salmon

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    Georgian salad

    • Georgian salad 1 - 14
    • Georgian salad 2 - 11
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    Branded Cheese Plate

    Assorted signature aged cheeses of the Adjika restaurant: acacia honey, wine sauce, thyme, Imeretian saffron, sumac).
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    Imereti on a plate

    Eggplant rolls stuffed with nuts, beetroot, carrot and cheese.